About Us


Photography has been an interest of mine for many years, and this has grown from an interest in to an activity which I really enjoy outside of my full-time normal everyday work as Systems Analyst for a prestigious firm of Norwich Architects.

My wife, Becky, also has an interest in photography and likes to take shots of the cats but also the flowers she loves to grow in our garden.

I have in the past done photography for NCFC, Norfolk FA and tournaments (please see examples of our work and galleries for photographs). I am a freelance photographer and can offer photography services in my spare time, please use the Contact Us form if you wish to talk to us. Becky has supported me during that time and on the odd occasion had a camera taking shots herself. Becky also  updated and modernised our website which we hope you enjoy.

Our cats provide us with the ability to take those quirky, adorable cat shots so try to not have a camera too far when they’re about. One of my photos was featured in the Your Cat magazine and won some treats for the cat in question (which she was very happy about!).

I have a keen interest in aircraft photography and like to attend Air Shows or view the aircraft in the Lake District.